Rogue (ex_shattered767) wrote in ev_icons,

2nd birthday icon contest!

Deadline for submitting icons: 11:59pm Central time on June 5th, 2005
Voting begins: June 7th, 2005
Voting ends: June 17th, 2005
Results will be announced on June 20th, 2005

  • Animated: any kind of animation, no mini-movies
  • Mini-movie: icons containing animated DVD/TV/musiv video/etc clips (all icons containing mini-movies go in this category)
  • Non-Amy: may contain any or several members of the band, Amy cannot be included, animation is allowed
  • Still: no animation of any kind
  • Wordless: no added text/lyrics/words of any kind, animation is allowed

  • Icons posted in this community before, elsewhere, or that are currently in use by yourself or others will not be accepted. Previously-made icons that have not been "released" are okay.
  • All icons must be free of usernames/names/"tagging".
  • You may submit only one (1) icon for each category, 5 icons total.
  • All submissions must be emailed to Specify what category each icon is for, and don't forget your username!
  • If you are found to be posting your submitted icon(s) anywhere or asking people to vote for you, you will be disqualified. Don't have friends ask people to vote for you, either. Heck, don't even tell anyone which icons are yours! It's no fun if people cheat!
  • When the winners are announced, the makers of all icons will be given. Do not take any submitted icons to use until then!

First, second, and third place banners will be awarded to the appropriate winners in each category. Additionally, we will hold voting for the best overall icon, and the winner will get a surprise!

If you would like to promote the contest, you can copy and paste the following code in your journal, user info, or other communities (just don't break any community ads/promos rules!):

<a href=""><img src="" border="0"></a>
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