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1000 Member Icon Contest of Doom.

As we've broken the point of 1000 members I thought it would be fun to do another contest. One that I promise I'll finally finish on time. :)

There are five categories for the new icon contest:

Best Non-Animated Icon

Best Animated Icon

Best Mini-Movie Icon

Best Non-Amy Icon

Best Admin Icon (Icons for me and eventually other people I'll name moderators)

General Rules!

1. You may enter as many or as few of the categories as you like. You may only submit one entry per category.

2. Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate. Even if you think you can't win, it's still fun to try. People may use the icons anyways.

3. Use any Evanescence picture or source you like.

4. I want to see grade-A work here, so take your time. Entries are due three weeks from today at midnight.

5. All entries must be emailed to me as an attachment or a zip file. You can reach me at You need to make sure your LJ user name is somewhere in that email so I can identify you when it comes time to see who wins.

6. All entries will go up for a vote in the community. Entries will marked anonymously, voting will last exactly one week.

7. Most importantly, don't pass off someone else's work as your own. If someone points it out, or I notice, you'll be banned from the community.

8. All icons must fit LJ standards. Less than 40K, 100 pixels by 100 pixels max.

9. Contest is members only. To see the voting and enter the contest, you have to join the community.

10. Have fun. :)

Rules for each category:

Most of the categories are self explanatory, I think. But in case you'd like some rules and guidelines, I've provided them for you.

Best Non-Animated Icon:
1. Must contain a picture of Evanescence or lyrics from an Evanescence song.
2. This icon may or may not have words on it... In other words, lyrics not required.
3. Must be composed of one, non-moving frame. Hence, non-animated.

Best Animated:
1. May be an icon with more than one frame, but not a mini-movie (there's a difference, trust me).

Best Mini-Movie:
1. Defined as an icon containing a piece of animation from a concert, music video etc. Doesn't have to be confined to one corner as in the example, but you get the picture.

Best Non-Amy Icon:
1. Self Explanatory... Show Will, Rocky, Terry, John (or even Ben and David) some love.

Best Admin Icon:
1. Design an icon for myself and other moderators to use so we can easily define ourselves in the community.
2. Icon must have community name (ev_icons) and either admin or mod on it.

Just remember to have fun!

Any questions? I'm always available through AIM (LasombraKate) or through my email ( Or just leave a comment.
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